A ting or two

Things to do:

Sort out international tax returns! Ugh.

File Australian tax return. Woo!

Seam seal my beautiful new tent!

Upload Melbourne photos to Flickr (which by the way, was freaking rad as!)


Things not do:

Wear a certain perfume to perhaps woo a boy only to have him comment that that is what his ex used to wear.

Try not to miss Melbourne too much even though it really hurts and sucks to be home

See Transformers again. I am a strictly romcom kind of girl. And I loathe Megan Fox (perhaps I am the only one!?)


Uhh that pretty much sums me up as of late! Also, I have a Tumblr if you wish to add me. I’m breaking at the britches. I don’t entirely understand what the purpose of Tumblr is.. to reuse and repost other peoples ideas, thoughts etc? Sometimes I feel a bit/very unoriginal on there. I don’t know, but I like having a page with words and images that mean something to me (even if they weren’t mine first) Plus I have come to reliese that I have very little interest/talent in writing (ie in WordPress) so I may stick to lyrics, quotes and pretty pictures (ie in Tumblr) I prefer to just read about other peoples epic lives rather than babble on about the lack of mine.


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