Nordisk musik!

The other day it occured to me that I like a whole heap of Scandinavian (mainly Swedish though) music, sure I like bits and pieces of bands from primarily English speaking countries but no other countries really.. apart from that lovely little bunch of countries in Northern Europe aka Denmark, Sweden, Finland and Norway! So I thought I would share some of my favourite bands..

Hello Saferide – A cute twee pop band featuring singer songwriter Annika Norlin that sings about expectations of drunken summer time, wishing your bff was a lesbian, the tears in our eyes (the choir in my chest!) and foot phobias. The only reason I know who this lovely band/woman is, is because of two nice Swedish boys I  met in Canada who played all her records to me and since then she has been in my top 5! Some of my favourites are.. My Best Friend, X Telling Me About The Loss Of Something Dear At Age 16, The Quiz , I thought you said summer is going to take the pain away. ETC ETC! So many favourites! & fyi, her lyrics are actually where this blogs title come from! She is also known as Säkert! and this is my sole reason for wanting to learn to Swedish so I know what she is singing, as I see (or hear it) it is pretty much Hello Saferide but in Swedish. Two bands in one! Awesome hey!

Hello Saferide

Shout Out Louds (Sweden) – I have no recollection of how I came to love this band but now I really do and I think they toured here once but I did not see them for some reason because I know I was quite slow to get on the band wagon with this one. I really could listen to Adam Olenius all day, and in fact have before and probaly will again soon. Some of my favourite are.. Normandie, The Comeback, Impossible, You Are Dreaming. ETC ETC!

Shout Out Louds

Alphabeat– A cute boy and girl singing pop band from Denmark! Cute! My brother said that they sound like English is definetley is not their first language, which is true. I first heard them when I was in England and they were getting alot of airplay on BBC Radio and then saw them in the summer in Belgium and it was pretty exciting and they are the band I play when I want to be cheered up. Very poppy and cheesey but not too overly novelty (like say, Aqua). They could totally beat the Denmark Eurovison dude and NME called them the best Scandinavian band since ABBA. My favourite songs.. Fascination, 1000 Nights of Thunder, Go-Go.


Refused/ The (international) Noise Conspiracy/The Lost Patrol Band – Pretty much anything Dennis Lyxzén touches I think turns to gold and he is actually in or has been in over 10 bands! T(i)NC actually toured here like 2 months ago and yet I did not go for unknown reasons which is just mental seeming seeing Dennis on stage is one of my dreams! One day! I first fell in love with Refused when I was in year 10 which was not long after they had broken up and thought I was pretty hardcore and I even made a t-shirt. The Lost Patrol (have since changed names a few times and now only sing in Swedish) is the complete other end of the spectrum (kinda like Dallas Green with Alexisonfire and City and Colour) and all (well was) acoustic and  nice! I love it and that way I can listen to them which ever mood I am in almost! Swedish Elle voted him Dennis sexist man in 2004 (I personally don’t find him that attractive..) My favourites.. Summer Holidays Vs. Punk Routine, Liberation Frequency, No New Manifesto.


Other very note worthy bands that I adore and recommend you check out (and click on!).. Lykke Li, Jens Lekman, KashmirThe Knife, El Perro Del Mar, José González, The Sounds, Stina NordenstamLove Is All, Kings of Convenience, Peter Bjorn and JohnJoanna Lee, The Concretes and lastly but not least.. Millencolin!

For more infomations: Swedish Pop Info, Razzia Records, Burning Heart Records


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