I know we’re bigger than this.

So it occured to me today that maybe I am being a very stubborn person? I am impatient and sensitive but I am also caring to those that care about me and honest with a big heart but I really do not think that I am all that stubborn. I keep wanting to call my ex-bff (who I really miss and I don’t know why she doesn’t miss me) to tell her “omg, did you see/hear/go to.. etc” but then I think why isn’t she calling me? The ball is in her court after I have had sms’s, emails, promises unanswered time and time again. Maybe I am being stubborn against being a desperate douche bag but I really don’t think after all that this is my fault and that I am being the one who didn’t fight for our friendship. It makes me a little very sad that in 4 months I won’t be here and she probaly won’t even reliese that I don’t live here anymore by then. Luckily (?) I don’t see her around much anymore so I can just get on with my life of working/saving/watching The Office/drinking tea. I just miss her and wish I did move to Melbourne for the winter so at least I would have my sister for company and not feel like such a drop kick. 3 weeks until my Melbourne vacation is going to have to do for the time being!



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4 responses to “I know we’re bigger than this.

  1. depressing though! & ooooh thanks for reminding me, i need to download it 🙂 oh & that t&s gig was so so amazing. i love themmmmmmmmmm ahh. have you seen the con dvd? so adorable & interesting.

    how long are you going to melbourne for? i’m planning to go early next month for a few days (but haven’t booked yet, eep) cos i really really want to see wicked & apparently it finishes in august. if you’re not planning on seeing it you absolutely should my friend has seen it 3 times haha & also you should read the book! super love.

  2. choirinmychest

    Yeah, it was depressing and looked painful at the end and I can’t believe it was all true! I’m in Melbourne for 2 whole weeks, maybe same time as you.. I’m there 26 June – 8 July. I really want to go see Wicked hey I think the tickets are mighty expensive but I will look into it. ThankYOU for the reminder 🙂

    Haven’t seen The Con 😦

  3. if you have the cd it’s on there & if not it’s downloadable! & sadly my melbourne plans are all up in the air, boo 😦 i am much jealous. & from what i remember the tickets are around $100, i think? not tooooo bad really.

  4. Em

    Sad face 😦 I feel your pain. It hurts like hell but at some point you have to realise that if you’re the one doing all the chasing and the friendship is one-sided, they don’t deserve you anyway. ❤

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