Lets hop a fence and do what we always did!

Hello WordPress!

In 5 (5!!!) weeks I am off to see the UK, Germany, Japan and New Zealand (and essentially moving to Auckland) and I was thinking of starting a travel blog. I don’t know.. because I am terrible at this one and yet, I am online all the time and I still can never think of anything to say and when I am travelling I won’t have a lap top so a.) I won’t be online all the time but b.) I may very well have all sorts of wonderful tales to tell! Ahhh condrundrum! So to be continued..! Plus, I have to think of a name for it. Ideas anyone? I used to be so creative but seriously since I have left high school I have turned into a mush ball of unoriginal thoughts and ideas. Boo mid youth crisis meltdown!

Anyway my plans for my trip are celebrating my step grand mothers 85th birthday(!), seeing my old London roomie, seeing my old camp pals, raspberry macaroons, 10 year+ reunion in Kansai, tramping the Milford Track, seeing my favourite Kiwi since Mexico!!, Wwoofing, snowwwwww and being outdoors as much as possible. I am hoping to be away for at least a year. Really, without my family there is nothing keeping me here.


Uhhh here are some things I  really really like in recent weeks..

-Uhhh TV? (Big Bang Theory! The Office season 5! Gilmore Girls season 7!) .. and watching them on my Ipod on the train on the way to work, amazing!Also, True beauty (terrrrrrible goodness! Farmer Wants A Wife)

-Crushes! Like one of the delivery boys at work who likes rugby and thinks my signature looks like a 5 years olds? I do not actually know what his name is yet! And this cute girl that walks past  my shop everyday who kind of looks like Sara Quinn.

-Tramping gear (aka hiking gear!) I’ve got all my gear now.. boots, stove, pack etc. I am giving up the indoors and moving to a farm. True!

-Learning Japanese. All I got is hamu sandiochi.. ham sandwich!

-Listening to Roachford, Taylor Swift and The Pogues on repeat rotation!



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