One, two, three, four, five, six, nine, or ten.

Hello! Guess what? It snowed in Perth today! Well, hailed. Either way, Hay St  was all covered in teeny tiny white balls for a whole of about 2 minutes (then it all melted..)and it looked like snow to me. It was 0ne of the most exciting things I have seen all year! I fucking love snow and of all the places I might see it.. Perth isn’t really on that list! WOW. Also, I  had a pretty ace weekend. Had some nice chats, saw a long lost boy crush ( I hadn’t seen him in over 3 years and he still looks the same and he still doesn’t notice me), saw my girl crush, hung out with my Oma, danced til 5am, walked home in the rain, ate some Mexican food with some nice boys, got dressed up, slept in and went to work.

Gemma Correll

One of my favourite bloggers, Em from Lick My Cupcakes did a list just like this the other day and I thought I would do one too because most days I think I need a bit of proof that I am more awesome than I give myself credit for. So, 10 things I like about me..

1.) My hair. When I was much younger it was pretty orange tone but these days after a few years of black/brown/purple hairdyes it has faded a little but in the summer in the sun or after I have washed it, I think it is a pretty nice shade of natural strawberry blonde (never ever to be dyed again!) Plus I love it when I have my fringe cut and it is in a nice messy bun/birds nest. Ahhh bliss! It doesn’t happen all the time because I can’t be bothered and washing my hair is my least favourite activity but when I have time, I’m all over it.

2.) My sense of adventure and independance. People tell me this every now and then and I am stoked, but really I don’t know how to be anything else. I’m not totally fearless but I can’t imagine not doing something just because I have no one to go with because I’m pretty sure life won’t wait. Just yesterday a friend called me ‘so international!’ which I think is funny but true seeming I have travelled a fair bit. I just like moving and not being here or there for too long. My plans are to just keep drifting until I get really happy someplace. Plus, I think camping is one of the greatest activities invented.

3.) My eye colour. There is a bit of blue-ish and a few squirts of hazel.

4.) My freckles! The more freckles the better!

5.) My heritage. I love my Dutch family history and learning about it and hopefully one day learning how to speak it again.

6.) My staple wardrobe. I essentially only wear one outfit and never get bored of it. It is nearly almost consists of Chuck Taylors, my drainpipe black jeans, some floral or country check button shirt and a cardigan. Sometimes a canvas tote, kitsch earrings and a headband. &&& always, always my charm necklace and charm bracelet. (Uhhhhh I just realised I have a charm bracelet AND a charm necklace?)

7.) My sense of humour. Sure, I laugh at myself more than people laugh with me but I think I am funny alot of the time. I also love how I pretend to be foreign sometimes plus, I think puns are hilarious!

8.) My excitement levels! Most of the time I am pretty excited! I don’t understand why everyone isn’t more excited about more things!

9.) My honesty and sincerity. Seriously, gimme the truth anyday and I will give it back  to you regardless. I don’t want some blaise version of whatever.. I want the fricken truth.

10.) My nails. Every now and then they are all at a nice length and smooth with nice natural colour.

Wow, that was fun! And heart warming. If you haven’t done one.. do it, you will feel nice!


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