Pretty little town on the Yarra

Plans I have for my long over due  Melbourne vacation next week!

♥Cupcakes  everyday! Places of interest are.. Little Cupcakes, Crabapples, Let Them Eat Cake, Carousel.

♥ Food! Lots of vegan food! Also, Cookie, that place in the food hall off Swanston that makes Mexi-crinkles, Borsch Vodka and Tears, Mistys Diner, Glicks bagels.

♥ Photoboothing! The old black & white film ones and the authentic round edged colour ones with ink stains and the kawaii computer ones. ALL OF THEM. Also, I might take my polaroid and Holga and take up an old hobby of mine.. photography.

♥ 711! Everyday! Mountain Dew slurpees king size at midnight please.

Mini road trips! I am pretty tempted to sit on a bus for several hours to get to Mount Bulla or Falls just to maybe hopefully throw some snowballs down a mountain so my sister and I can pretend we are back in Canada. Or maybe do the Great Ocean Road or maybe just go to some silly named places eg, Tittybong! Mount Buggery! Diapur! Poowong! Or maybe even hop on a plane to Tasmania for a few days.

Wicked! My mum happens to be over at the same time so we have a mother daughter date because we rarely hang out when we live in the same house. Plus, it’s Melbourne and Wicked is on and missed it when I was in New York and London so it’s about time. And Moonface is in it!?

♥Shopping! I am actually going to buy things when I go there and not feel bad about coming home with a bigger bag than I left with. For example.. Dangerfeild, Mimco outlet (because I am a few years off affording current season stock!), Genki, General Pants, Lush (sometimes it is easier to fly east than to go south of the river), new Paddy’s store (eco heroes!), Macpac (because I like tents okay?), American Apparel. Shopping list includes but is certainly not limited to.. several various hang bags, a winter coat in red with a hood (some what like little red riding hood perhaps?), Dream Cream, Temple Balm, new Vans and/or Tigers, dresses of great magnitudes, stockings of every colour of the rainbow and uhhhh whatever else takes my fancy!

♥Vintage shopping! Meet Me At Mikes, Circa, Retrostar, Episode, Shag, Hunter Gatherer, Thread Den, Trash and Treasure at Coburg, miscellaneous small town stores.

♥Movies! Really want to see Year One (really only want to see Mr Cera), Sunshine Cleaning and I think that’s it? BOO

♥Bands? I would love to see some bands but I am not aware of any on apart from Pink? PASS. Last time I was in Melbourne I dyed my hair jet black with bangs and camped out for 12 hours by myself to be front row center for Blink-182. True story. And I would do it again given the chance.

♥ hand rolled cigarettes & 80’s movie nights & big hugs & twin reunion & not being at work & my real bff for 2 whole weeks ♥



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