Things I Love Thursday


♥Bedroom dance parties for one! I was totally burning up the carpet with La Roux, Lykke Li, Notorious B.I.G and The Rembrants while the rain is pouring on my tin roof.

♥Eurovision! I can’t believe this year was the first time I had seen it, it’s so good! “Always, all the time, always on my mind” Ahhhhh raff out roud!

♥Banff Mountain Film Festival – It’s doing it’s Australian tour and I went twice this week, sooo good. Basically it’s 8 short films of snowboarding (!!!), North Pole exhibitions, extreme kayaking, rock climbing etc. Reminded me just how much I love snow and Canada and why this is my long term goal to eventually live in Canada in the snow in the year 2013+!

♥Friends marathon on a rainy day -The tv show because none of my real ones live in this state. Speaking of which 5 weeks til Melbourne! Plus it totally bucketed down today with rain which to me is a little amazing because I have not had a Perth winter rain storm in 2 whole years! I can’t wait to go to the beach with my puppy!

♥Living at my dads! I spent the last 6 out of 7 days there and it’s great. But it also nice to come home, see my puppy, not go to work and be on my own computer.

♥Thomas Sabo – It’s about time I put some more charms on my charm braclet and this amazing dude makes mixtapes, snowflakes and all sort and I can’t find any other good ones.


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