Hit the heartbrakes

Right about now I would love to have a heart to heart with my now ex bff because she knows all about how boys work but alas I am dead to her so thats not happening and right now it is almost midnight in Melbourne  so I’m not going to call my sister so here I am WordPress, get ready for some whinging. Tonight was the last week of dance lessons and I don’t think I have mentioned this previously but I had a really big crush on one of the boys there and I thought he maybe liked me too and really tonight would have been a great time to maybe ask for my phone number as it would be the last time he may see me, well, he did not. After class we can practice for a while which the boy and I usually do together and tonight he didn’t ask me but managed to ask 2 (!!!!) other girls to dance with him! Yes, I could have waited for him to finish to ask him to dance but why should I wait for him if I am not even his first choice of the girls there, I thought he liked dancing with me! As I was walking away I wished he would run outside and call my name like in a movie but again, he did not. He was really cute and we danced well together and I wasted so much time thinking about him, sleepless nights too. I didn’t think what would happen if he didn’t like me, not that boys ever do like me but I like to think what would happen if they did because surely one of these days (months, years!?) some boy is going to like me, right? I am 23 and I don’t understand why ZERO boys ever like me, EVER. We never really spoke much about other things than dancing but thats why we should go on a date to get to know each other. WHY ARE BOYS SO LAME AND WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME AND CAN I PLEASE HAVE A HUG FROM SOMETHING THAT ISN’T MY PILLOW. Now I am going to go drown my sorrows in some red wine and watch The Office and tomorrow I am going to see my favourite band in the whole entire world perhaps for the last time and try not to think too much about everything that sucks and go to work and try not to cry too much about my life in general. One day at a time, 4 months until I leave. Hurry. Up. September.


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