Things I Love Thursday


♥Nutty banana cake. Decided not to make nutty seeded cupcakes because I quickly realised how rediculously foul that would be. However I chucked in shitloads of linseed, chia, lsa, walnuts, psyllium husk and macadiamia into a standard banana cake and it was great! Nom nom nom.

♥New computer! I got an upgrade a few weeks ago but now I have the final missing peice.. a mega huge screen that my brother “didn’t need anymore”. It is so huge.. like almost a metre I swear. My eyes kind of hurt when I am this close though.

♥Biggest pay check ever! As much as I hate to say it, it’s really good to have money again! I locked it all right up into my wanderlust fund though because I am still not half way to what I need to leave in ermmm September!? 4 months!

♥Amy McDonald! I keep forgetting that I actually saw her last year and I wish I paid more attention at the time because now she is probaly going to be a good part of my winter soundtrack. Really pretty much any song about running away gets my approval these days.

♥The Office (US) Season 2! I have never seen it all but now I have it on dvd so now I can see Jim and Pam be cute again.


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