Fall apart at the seams.

This weekend I decided to split my time between living at my Mum and Dads house for many reasons but essentially.. I think I am spiraling down into a very angry and sad place if I keep living here at my Mums so I guess.. mental health! His house is even closer to the ocean but there is no puppy but it is closer to the city (& work) and so pretty much I think 4 days there and 3 days here because I am not going to be here for long enough to move completely. Which ever, I really think I just need something to make me feel like I am a little bit welcome and appreciated in Perth because since I have been back that has been such the opposite, I have none of my friends I had before I left and now Mum is making me feel very unwelcome in my own home. I feel like a foreigner in my own home town! Luckily my Dad is pretty much my best friend these days anyway so it should be okay!

Sian Beeton

Things to do this week:

Divide my everyday belongings between 2 houses

Try to stop near-bumping into ex-bff

Stop thinking about how and why ex-bff  does not care about me

Look forward to going to Melbourne in 5 weeks!

Look forward to seeing my boy crush on Thursday!

This song kind of sums up my mixed bag of feelings this week (and last week and the week before that)!

P.S Last week I learnt what ostracized means! Thanks Triple J Hack for giving me a definition of what I am going through!


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