The freaking remarkables

“everyone is so busy hiding behind this trend or that one. their internet personality, their favourite scene. what’s so wrong with being messy & laughing until your lungs hurt? why is that not cool? why is that not something we photograph & if it does per chance get photographed we immediately de-tag ourselves or throw it into photoshop because god-forbid we don’t look perfect. it would be easy to capture that intensity oh the perfect moment of happiness but no oh no! we’d much rather look at photos of skinny girls smoking cigarettes & drinking on the street. boys in tight pants & silly glasses looking as if they’re waiting just waiting to kick your ass. girls with feathers in their hair speaking in nursery-rhyme tongue. boys hiding behind their short stories channeling their inner burkowski, ‘drunken’ poetry. why can’t we let those smiles slip out? that is cool. the smile that shows all your gums & your bones. that smile that contorts your face into maybe not the most flattering shape but oh, it’s beautiful i assure you! LISTEN: it’s cool to run around laughing & to make funny jokes & to be yourself. that is really cool. why hide behind something? why be afraid? don’t be afraid of who you are. you’re beautiful.”

100% copy and pasted from! THIS RESONATES!

Start again♥   ♥   ♥   ♥


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  1. Em

    I love that picture, it’s gorgeous 🙂

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