Rapid shmapid

A few weeks ago I decided to try the Neutrogena Rapid Clear skin care range because you know  “dermatologists recommend it” plus it got rave reviews on the Vogue forum and Makeupalley, plus well, it was time for a new regime. I don’t care so much about it being effective in 8 hours which is the big selling point of this product, I just want it to work eventually. 8 hours they say, must be magic! Well, I gave into their advertising ploy and gave it a whole hearted shot. Well let’s see, results in 8 hours..I disagree, in fact not even close. For example the Rapid Clear Daily Cleansing Pads.. firstly they smell of  serious toxic acid and I almost think I am going to get high off them when using them, you can tell that they have tried to disguise this smell with a citrus smell though, so I guess toxic orange acid? Strangely my skin didn’t react badly to it at all, in fact it made no positive or negative reaction to it at all. The ad campaign claims.. “Visibly clearer skin in 8 hours. Clear breakouts fast and help prevent new breakouts before they appear. The soft, textured pads use breakthrough MICROCLEAR™ technology that cuts through the oil barrier to unblock pores and help give you visibly clearer skin in just 8 hours, without dreaded dryness or irritation.” Lies, lies lies. Okay so sure, I got no irritation or dryness but the only thing that happened after 8 hours was me thinking it was about time I re-applied because it was not working and it certainly had zero affect on my pores. How can something so chemically enhanced have zero affect on me even after 3 weeks of use twice a day? Who knows! Same goes for the Spot Eliminating Gel. “ultra effective spot gel for breakout emergencies. Clinically proven to achieve visibly clearer skin in just 8 hours” LIES. I might as well apply invisible magic dust, it literally made no difference to my spots and they just continued to run their usual life span. It seriously didn’t make any difference and again after 8 hours I was wondering if it was time I put some more on because nothing was bloody happening. So in my never ending quest for better skin I am going to try drinking apple cider vinegar in the morning and when I can fianlly venture out to Lush, I think I will buy a range of their products.



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2 responses to “Rapid shmapid

  1. Em

    LAME. I hate when you splurge on products that disappoint. I’m looking at grabbing one of those caffeine roll on thingys for under your eyes, I get awful bags. I’ll have to remember to do a review!

  2. choirinmychest

    Those roll on’s sound interesting! I wonder if it smells like coffee? I think Sarah Jessica Parker plugged it so that’s reason enough for me to give it some faith 🙂

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