Things I Love Thursday


Tom: It’s love, it’s not Santa Claus

-Ha Lu– Best Japanese I have had in Perth, ever! I had (well, 6 of us shared..) the okonomi yaki, sashimi, wagyu, bento box and black sesame ice cream. A feast, I tell you! So Delicious and authentic (as much as I think it is meant to taste like) and such lovely staff! Sure is a contrast to Takas! NOM NOM NOM

-New jeans- I now own 3 pairs (all time high!).. dark navy, regular denim and black. I love new clothes! Next on my list is a new  hand bag! I was going to wait until Melbourne but I can’t wait 10 more weeks!

-Phone calls from the ones that matter

-Cute as a button Frankie desktop wallpapers, I can’t decide!

-New Moleskine cahier

-Learning to make my first Sunday roast! Corned silverside with roasted vegetables!

-Exciting new movies to eventually maybe one day come out.. 500 Days of Summer, Where the Wild Things Are, Nick & Norah.

Also, tomorrow begins me attempting my no bread, no food after 8pm and green tea everyday for a month challenge.  Eeeeeep. Actually I will be eating bread once a week because Dad and I make our lunch together every Monday and that is one tradition I am not giving up even just for a few weeks and after 8pm only applies if if I have had dinner already. I might try to keep a partial online diary too, but really, it can’t be that hard!? I really just hope it gives me the willpower to not be so unhealthy with the choices I make everyday and really if I make it to next week doing those things I will be happy.



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3 responses to “Things I Love Thursday

  1. haha, the trailer for 500 days was all over the place today! how ridiculously awesome does it look? i just downloaded nick & norha, so excited to watch it- my sister said it was incredible 🙂

  2. Ahhhh! I can´t wait to see 500 days of Summer. Too, too adorable.

  3. choirinmychest

    I think that is what I’m gonna have to do with N & N. Can’t wait forever! Thanks for the suggestion and hope you like it!

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