23 forever

I turn 23 very soon and I am actually kind of freaking out. I don’t want to be 23 and every time I think about it I just think about running down a steep hill screaming “nooooooooooo!!!!”, true story! It’s not even because I am getting older it’s just because I am somewhere where I didn’t think I would be at my age. So heres hoping the next 12 months get me closer to where I am want to be. Plus this year I don’t feel like there is much to celebrate so I really just want it to be over asap! Also, I was going to do the almighty 101 in 1001 days challenge but like I said, I like to tick things of my to do lists quickly so this is my list of 23 things to starting when I turn 23 until when I fly out in October. So basically.. 23 things to do in less than 6 months! AWESOME.


1.) Finish world trip photo album – This has taken me so long to start already and really, I want it finished before I go my next big trip!

2.) No meat for 1 week – I have no problem doing this for months (forever even!) but whether my Mum will accommodate this is another story..

3. ) No bread for 1 month-I half attempted this once.. not so successfully. I love bread but I really have to cut back on it.

4.) No dairy for 1 week – I don’t think this will be too hard.. except for maybe cheese. I don’t think I could make it last for 1 whole month though!


5.) No eating after 8pm for 1 month– I tend to eat snacks after dinner alot which is no good for me so I am going to attempt to create a new routine!

6.) No alcohol or coffee for 1 month– This is pretty easy for me, unless I go out in which case may cause difficulty but seeming I don’t go out that much I should be right with no alcohol. Coffee should be okay as I rarely drink it and it hardly makes a difference the my energy levels, I think I just like the taste and imagining that I will miraculously be wide awake by drinking it.

7.) No chocolate for 1 month– This may be the hardest one to do! Especially in this house.. it’s always in this house and not because I buy it!

8.)Drink green tea everyday for 1 month– I tried to do this in summer but really hot tea in summer is a bit tough, so maybe now I can give it another shot.

9.) Eat 2 raw meals every day for 1 week– Pretty easy I think, more reason to eat more sashimi! Although I am pretty sure canned tuna is out?

10.) No internet for 1 week– Eeeeeep, I may have to unplug it all and maybe even break it so it is unusable! Extreme measures, I know!


11.( Do 3 workouts a week for a month – I am going to try to to go the gym, go for a bike ride and do a fitness dvd at least once a week each.

12.) Have family notice weight loss – Because that would maybe vaildate my efforts?

13.) Learn to make pierogies – This is one my favourite dishes from when I was in Poland and now I will attempt to create my own! Basically fried dumplings. Mmmmmmm.

14.) Make 5 different types of cupcakes– Because there is certainly more than just vanilla to be made!

15.) Learn to make muffins– Time and time again, I manage to make things that look like muffins but taste like a soggy/raw/burnt mess. It can’t be that hard!

16.) Take part in the 365 project– I used to love photography and since I have been home I have rarely taken that many pictures so this will make me take more plus use my Flickr more and will be interesting to see my year in pictures, although I guess I do technically have one already from when I was travelling but still this can be Project 365: the home version.

17.) Go to AFL game– Because I love footy and there really is nothing better than drinking beer and eating pie in the rain and screaming at men in short shorts.

18.) Go to at least one yoga class– Because I think it will help my back and neck pains and that is a good thing!

19.) Rejoin swing dance class– Swing dancing is my most favourite dancing and so I will relearn and wear awesome skirts and lindyhop away!


20.) Buy a nice handbag-My current one is cute and all but not very sturdy and looks kind of ragged and lame and in desperate need of an update!

21.) Learn 5 origami objects– I have so much origami paper!

22.) Learn 5 star constellations-So next time I am star gazing with the boy of my dreams I can dazzle him with my clever knowledge of the galaxy

23.) Learn to say I love you in 10 languages– Another one of my boy dazzling tricks to put in my sleeve for future use.

Bruce Nauman



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7 responses to “23 forever

  1. 5 is excellent, but i could never do it, as much as i want to.

    6 & 8 i am actually doing right now! i have given up coffee completely for the foreseeable future & the first couple of weeks were HELL but it’s better now haha. green tea = ♥

    oh & 10 is just crazy!

    re: 15. i have only just learned to do muffins cos i got a good recipe that tells you what the batter consistency is meant to be like! i have some super yummy recipes i plan to try 😀 nom nom

    23 is awesome! ti amo (italian) te amo (mexican) hahaha. ummm yep that’s about all i got. you should post the results!

    um, holy long comment. sorry? ps where are you going on your trip?

  2. choirinmychest

    Hi Amanda, thanks for the comments! I am definitely gonna post the results.. should be interesting! Not looking forward to #10 at all, but really, it can be done.. what on earth were our parents doing at our age with no computers!? My muffins look great until I bite into them and they are raw in the middle.. bletch! I’ll get there eventually! Stay tuned and good luck with yours.

    My trip is to the UK, Germany, Japan and New Zealand! Very excited!

  3. ooh, that is super exciting! also, i found this today & thought of you:

  4. ooh how rude, you can insert images.

  5. can’t, not can. sorry, i can’t delete my comments!

  6. choirinmychest

    Oh cute, thanks! I recognise 4 of them I think 🙂

  7. Your list sounds fun but challenging! If you want any suggestions for cupcake recipes then let me know, I have a few favourites I can recommend!

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