Soon to be a place that’s just filled up

Yeah so it’s Thursday but I do not have many things to love today so no TILT. I have been working a fair bit and crushing on stupid boys and going to doctors appointments and uhhhh watching tv? I caught a taxi through the city today and I tried to imagine I was in NYC  but it did not work.. the street was not loud enough, the car was not fast enough, there was actually zero billboards to gaze at and there was no crazy driver. I miss NYC! (And I really should stop wishing I was elsewhere, I know) I have gotten most of my USA trip photos ready to put in my album soon so that’s exciting, finally! Gahhhhhh so I think I have found my new favourite online shopping place! Mod Cloth! I never though anyone or anything could ever compare to Fred Flare but now I am unsure! They are quite similar though so hey maybe lets call it even! I have always seen it advertised on iCiNG but I always resisted until today somehow! It is my birthday in a soon so I am thinking I may buy myself some gifts! OMG Nacho wallet! Juno sunnies!  Or I may try to hold off my extreme shopping until Melbourne! P.S WTF, Adelaide has an American Apparel!? I love Radelaide, but really, if they have one why oh why don’t weeeeeee 😦


Also, I think I am about to embark on my own Project 365! Starting on my birthday! Since I am have come home from travelling I have hardly taken any photos (but there may be other reason for that..), plus I have a paid Flickr account I should probably use. So, I probaly won’t be taking macro photos of my face every single day but I think it will interesting to see after a year of bits and pieces of my day to day life. We’ll see! Also, I kind of want to do the 101 in 1001 Project! I have actually done it before but I don’t think I did it all (but did do a good chunk) I don’t think I am so good at those kind of things because I want to do it all at once and it annoys me when I can’t or don’t tick things off immediately. I think I am only good at daily to-do lists! So, yeah, we’ll see!

And finally Taylor Swift is out out my head and holy shit look at what I just found that totally made my day!



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