Things I love Thursday!

Sound Relief  live broadcast! It was so good to listen to on the radio at work on Saturday morning.. Coldplay (THE VOICE!), Paul Kelly, Josh Pyke! Etc! Amazing! Epic even.


-Big Bang Theory marathons. So good uninterupted and with nachoes on the side! Sheldon: I’m not insane! My mother had me tested!

-Flight of the Conchords! I am a bit slow to get on the band wagon but really, so funny! & Kiwis.. I love Kiwis! I was travelling when it was on the tv so I don’t know if it is on regular tv or Foxtel but I hired it from the library and can’t wait for the next season!

-Plans! This week I made some plans and created a budget. I actually have things to look forward to at home that don’t just include me leaving in October.


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  1. Dude, Farnsy & Chris Martin? Brill!! I have loved John Farnham since I was about 7 years old (thanks mum!) … he’s an absolute legend – what a collaboration 😀 Yay Sound Relief.

    & Flight of the Conchords, can I just say welcome to the bandwagon? If you’re going to jump on one, this is it, it’s so awesomely funny… & kiwis are most fabulous. (as is NZ for that matter)

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