Kate Nash

One of my most favourite musicians and style icons is Kate Nash! I first heard of her when I was living in England and I was listening to BBC one day.  My best friend thinks she is annoying and I don’t really know many people in Australia that know of her (although she did apparently play at the Big Day Out last year?) But I love her because she is such a charming pom (!), wears the most gorgeous vintage dresses, has my dream hair colour/cut and style and writes some amazing songs! Here are some of my favourite pictures of her..

Kate Nash

I can be alone, yeah, I can watch a sunset on my own

Kate Nash

And I’m singing “oh oh” on a Friday night

Dancing at discos, eating cheese on toast

Kate Nash

Go for walks, read the news, get some good, loyal friends, let yourself be amused by little things

Kate Nash

Got to keep in our minds some positive

Kate Nash

Also, she did this;



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3 responses to “Kate Nash

  1. i looooooove kate nash, she is gorgeous! can’t wait for her to do another album already.

    the book is AMAZING, you will love it. umm i think it was at the movies for a split second maybe? not sure. but it was at the king’s park outdoor cinema on march 1 & that’s normally after it’s been in cinemas, so i really don’t know. have you read the time traveler’s wife. also incredible.

    oh & thank you so much! are you a perth girl? & OMG i so did not realise that was her in raise your voice! that is awesome haha.

  2. choirinmychest

    Yeah a few of my friends saw it already at the outdoors cinema but since then I have not seen it around:( I adore the Time Travellers Wife! Apparently that is being made into a movie too!?

    I am a Perth girl too! Nice to meet you 😀

  3. oops, i totally never saw this comment & just asked you about TTW again.. ah well. yes, release is slated for late this year! am highly worried about it though… i could make a list a mile long of all the casting ridiculousness, without even seeing it yet :S

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