Things I Love Thursday

Cooking! I made lamb and black bean stir fry last night and tonight thai fish patties. I wish mum would let me cook what ever I want every night!

Flights! I booked mine last night to Japan and Auckland 😀 Now I just need to deceide what to do in between now and October? Booked a 2 week winter vacation to Melbourne and then I’m sticking it out in Perth for the rest of the winter.


Phonecalls! I spoke with a lovely boy in Scotland the other day plus my sister in Melbourne which was nice, plus I am calling Dad every night to check how he going with quitting smoking.

Libraries! I didn’t go to my usual one this afternoon and the new one was amazing! There were books I had never even heard of, seriously! And every copy of every magazine! And glorious travel books! Ahhhhh, library bliss.

We Heart It! A pretty cute site with photo archives of nice things!



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2 responses to “Things I Love Thursday

  1. Gem

    i just found your blog through Gala’s website and wanted to say hi! Gotta love finding fellow Aussie bloggers 🙂

  2. choirinmychest

    Hello! I like your blog and love your tattoos! Nice to meet you!

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