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I have had a nice few days off work. Yesterday Mum and I went to the beach, I have been making fresh vegetable juices everyday, Nanna came over for dinner, I’ve been watching The Hills season 3 at long last, writing letters to my penpal in Paris and I had a doctors appointment (which was not so nice) And tomorrow I am going to go to the library and get out Judy Blume books because last thing I remember, they were great books! And.. Everything I Needed to Know About Being a Girl I Learned from Judy Blume, and I could use a little life education at the moment. I am also going to look for another part-time/casual job because I really don’t need a 3 day weekend every week and I am running out of things to occupy my days off, plus more money is always useful!

Tim WalkerTim Walker.

I am currently contemplating my first designer handbag! Marc by Marc Jacobs Quinn (but in black) is getting serious consideration, but really, $900+? Also in the yes column is Mimco Brand New or Day Tripper. They are really just basic black bags, but Mimco is Australian so that is something I like to support, plus I think I have been working pretty hard and saving alot plus my current handbag is my old enviro canvas one from Canada, tres chic! But really, if I have a designer bag it is going to look out of place on me.. it is never going to match anything in my wardrobe as I wear shorts and a tshirt most days and sure as hell am in any state to start buying heels or whatever else they sell at David Jones. However, if I had funds.. that is another story! Sometimes I think what it would be like to not want to travel all the time (ha, I do not travel all the time, what I mean is I am either travelling or saving to travel, I am rarely just at home for the fun of it.. I am there because I ran of money on the road and I am back home saving, oh hey like now!)  and to not put my entire life savings into air tickets and hostels but rather laptops, weekly magazines and a never ending wardrobe? Who knows!

In the meantime, I am waiting on an email from Glasgow and trying to have my bff stop hating me. And my Mum just put milk in my green tea!?


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