Things I love Thursday!

spaceballOur beach – Especially on a Sunday morning, we all go down with our puppy and swim, collect sea shells, talk to the fisher men. Mum and I were talking the other day and she said it is also her favorite time of the week too.

Packages from Japan! I sent my penpal a Christmas card the other day and then the very next day she sent me one! She is so cute and I miss her and when I say that I am going to visit her next year I really mean it because it has been too long!

New bicycle – I got it second hand for $50 and it’s a red racing bike from France! I am used to mountain bikes so this one is a bit harder to ride but still, I have a bike for summer! I can’t wait to cycle to the library!

2009 – I have some great plans for the new year although perhaps the begininning may not start as grand as I would like. And it’s going to be tough to conquer it but alas, I will because I always do!

Oprah – I got to watch it twice this week and it was great becuase it had Mary-Kate and Ashley on it and then Jennifer Anniston. I cannot wait to see Marley & Me at the movies!

Homemade pumpkin pie– I finally made my favorite North American pie at home and everyone loved it despite it being a wintery desset and it being summer. I didn’t even use canned pumpkin (not that it even exists here!) or packet pie crust! I am a masterchef! For cakes at least. Plus I made a killer white chocolate almond torte for my brothers birthday. I am going to go take photos of it!


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