Things I love Thursday

Photo by Fpalazzi 

Friends! Bumping into them at the local shopping centre and drinking soy lattes for hours, getting in touch with oooooooold pals from high school (via Facebook of course!), being there for special events and celebrating with cocktails into the early hours, reunions after 19 months of no see!

Earth from Above by Yann Arthus-Bertrand. There is a open air exhibition of his work in the city and it is really nice to llok at when I am passing through. Plus it had spurred me to start thinking how I can be more eco friendly. I try to be kind to the earth but I know there is alot more I can do to help.

Thursday nights – Because Nanna comes over and Mum always makes nice food so it is like a special occaision. Plus, we always eat at the table!

Getting excited! Last night one of my friends said how excited I looked to be there with all my friends and then I was like, “yeah, it’s better than the royal show!” I am excited about summer and can’t wait for picnics and parties!

Mums wardrobe – Mum and I obviously have very different taste in fashions but it’s always nice to find some cute cardigans and glam handbags when there are none in mine.


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