Things I love Thursday!

Photo by Tuttebel

Santa at the shops – I love seeing the Santa photo stands at the shopping centre because it’s all just so cute! I saw one today and the Mum had to tell her son not to be scared, and he was so anxious and then the the Mum had to go to the front with him. I can’t wait to meet Santa with my kids! Although last year I did sit on Santas lap, I can’t help it!

Mindblowing sunsets – Awww man, the other day at like 8pm we went to the beach to walk the puppy and there was such an amazing view that even a camera can’t capture. Sunsets were one of the things I missed the most when I was away.

Days off – There really is nothing I love more than a whole day spent in my house alone in my pajamas. I can listen to my music super loud, cook up a storm in the kitchen and watch trashy tv.. ahhh I love it! Although strangley I still feel the need to have a to-do list on my days off and if I don’t have one I make one.

Baking – Today I made gingerbread hearts (because I have no men shape cut-outs) and they were soooo good because I put crystalized ginger in them, a cherry on top, they were still soft and very Christmasy! Next on the list is.. festive cupcakes, fruit mince pies, rumballs and gingerbread house. Oh and pumpkin pie!

Paypal – Ahhhh I love Paypal because sometimes it gives me money for not doing too much!

Also – applying for more rewarding jobs, flights to NZ for less than $100?, majority of my Christmas gifts done, making gifts out of felt, getting up 7am for GA gold tickets to Coldplay, iCiNG’s second birthday, plain natural yogurt on everything, my juice machine, Gossip Girl on tv at long last, an abundance of ‘save the whale’ tshirts circulating for some reason, no queue at the post office, the new Christmas lights ad, beesting cake.


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