Be my mirror, my sword and shield.

Photo by Photofiend

So I have this friend who I met whilst overseas who is also from here so every few weeks we try to catch up which is great because I think she is just awesome. We met up today and had lunch (crepes, coffee and macaroons!) which was lovely as usual. We made plans to do a bike marathon some time next year plus a night out in a few weeks. Anyway, throughout the conversation I kept hearing myself being very self depricating and after wards I couldn’t help thinking what a misery and sad case I sounded like. My friend hasn’t got everything she wants in her life and yet she is just such a cheerful person and such a dreamer and I reliesed today, an inspiration to me. I really have to learn to have more hope in things (like careers, money, love, the future etc) and not be so stressed. I also visited my doctor and he officially stated that they is nothing medically wrong with my back. I can’t believe it! But then I think it may all just be stress related because, hey, I think I’ve got it bad.

Today was rather productive! I took care of some tax business at 6am, got my x-rays back, applied for jobs as a office assistant/receptionist, started Christmas shopping, signed up with Ebay to continue to a further level as part of my de-cluttering and ahhhhh I think that is about it. Super successes!

Tomorrow = Coldplay tickets on sale!


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