Where you gonna go with a head that empty?


Photo by Stratosphaerenlieder

Ugh, so my astrology chart said that today, of all the 365 days in 2008, that this very day will be the best day for my future career prospects. Doesn’t that sound grand! And so of course, naturally, I get a email from my dream career saying that they will not be procceding with a second interview with me. I really do not think I am going to read star signs ever again as they are always full of bullshit and have never been slightly on par with anything in my life. Could they actually be more off? Yeah, nah not really. So I guess back to my retail hell! Plus I think I need to reassess my dream career because it isn’t even a very big dream and yet I still manage to be seriously unsuccessful at every given attempt. But, the shit thing about all this is my supposed dream career of mine is obviously one I believe I would enjoy and be passionate and not dread a minute of and yet still find interesting and learn things each day and I do not have a clue where else I would find that kind of nice work environment. Plus how am I ever going to figure if it is my true dream career if I never get a chance?

And to top off my day, my bicycle is broken!


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