Things I love Thursday!

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So, my favourite blogger is Gala Darling and every Thursday she writes about the things she loves and I am going to do the same! I was just going to do a monthly love list but really.. the more lovely things the write about the better, I love lists in general and I think I need to have more happy thoughts in my life in general. So here we go!

Gooseberrys – We have whole heap growing out the back and that is what I had for afternoon tea. It’s so fun unwrapping them too because they come in a little leaf wrapping type thing and they taste so sweet yet tangy and simply delicious!

Cycling – I rode all the way to the harbour the other day along the coast and it was a pretty good way to spend my Tuesday evening. Plus I get to use my brothers neglected bike which is brand new and in such a good condition and well, it works! That’s all I need from it.

Notes from the Universe – I have only been on the mailout for a week or so but already, I love it and find comfort in the nice notes they send me everyday.

Dinner at the dinner table – Sounds easy enough right? But for some reason my family can barely make time to all sit down together at the dinner table which I think is terrible. It is the one time we can all talk and be together and I would much rather do that than eating in front of the tv. Anyway, we ate together twice this week! Success!

Organisation – My room and spare room and bathroom are finally all clean and de-cluttered! I have a new found love of having minimalist things after over year of travelling with one bag!

Holidays! – Sis got a job so now I can plan my trip over to see her around her new work schedual. New years trip down south in just over a month. Maybe perhaps Borneo for hiking and snorkelling times! And of course.. LHR?

Also – Mozart and the Whale, finally watching the OC finale, fleish roulade, Ryan Adams touring in 2009, 1/2 credit card payed off, Wes winning Idol, payday, four days off work, Triple J stuck on full volume, making plans for a pancake date, new running shoes, J-A coming home soon, good luck phonecalls, carrot juice moustache, Nanna over for dinner.



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2 responses to “Things I love Thursday!

  1. RYAN ADAMS!!!!! did you go? i had tickets & then had to miss out at the last minute, i was crying for days.

  2. choirinmychest

    In the end, NO:((( I am still devastated I missed out hey!

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