The obstacles we build for ourselves


Photo by ninja12Photo by Ninja12

And the tears in our eyes when we ski fast in the forrest,
but the choir in my chest is always stuck on the chorus,
And I know it’s in me to get away from this.

This morning I had to wake at 6am because I had phone interview from the eastern states for my dream career and you know what, I really don’t think it went too well. I tried not to say “ummm” too often and I tried to form structured sentences but really what can I say when I have waited years for this opportunity and naturally I am a nervous wreck in important situations? Who knows! Fingers crossed to inifinity that they were actually impressed and they call me in for a real interview next week. Otherwise, back to my little retail store to waste away the hours in somewhere I don’t to be. Every week I wish to quit but then I remind my self that I still have half way to go with paying off my credit card plus what else am I to do if I don’t work? Plus if my dream career doesn’t eventuate then at least I can focus on saving up to move to Scotland next year. I wish I could fast forward to next June because by then I will either be working and staying or I will be working and almost ready to leave. And I would be happy either way it’s just that right now everything is up the air and I like to know whats happening so then I have something nice to dream about.

This afternoon I am going to the shopping centre and buying sports shoes! Because all I have is flip flops and my Converse and having no adequate shoes is a rediculous excuse for little to no excersise. Last night I did go for a walk along the beach for an hour and got rained on twice! It was kind of great but also the kind of thing that is better shared than done alone) Also on my shopping list is: Josh Pyke tickets, new Hello Saferide record!, new Havianas, Moogoo soap and maybe find some Christmas presents although I think I will just get most of mine from the Oxfam shop in the city. I might also look at some party dresses because I have zilch summer party dresses and at least three events where I want to wear a party dress in the next month!




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